Artist Statement

Tianqi Liu, graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2019, majoring in Performance, and now lives in Hangzhou. Tianqi Liu's work is dominated by performance art, and her practice focuses on exploring a non-verbal way to consider the complexities of the flow of pain from daily life both in the present and the passing of time, under her 24-hour prison experience in China. While seeking a covered and hidden internality, Tianqi’s works examine the power relations between intimacy and real society, and how the gendered, social, and political relations within them constitute the body.

Tianqi Liu刘天琦,2019年毕业于Royal College of Art, Performance专业,现生活于杭州。 刘天琦的作品以行为艺术为主,在她曾在中国被拘押24小时的经历之下,她的实践专注于在当下和已流逝的时间里,从日常生活中出发以非语言的方式思考痛苦流动的复杂性。在寻找隐蔽的内在性的同时,审视亲密关系之间与现实社会中的权力关系,以及其中性别化的、社会性的、政治性的关系是如何构筑身体的。