Work 2019

Here it is windless. There all was breath.
Live performance, Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London.
Material: Microphone and amplifier.
Duration: Around one hour each day.
Photos by Dana Aramdarya Ysol, Songkun Wan, Awk Wang, Ying Xue.
29.06.2019, 30.06.2019, 01.07.2019, 04.07.2019 & 05.07.2019.

(A video clip of this work is on the last slide. )

Live performance, ‘Images Can Be…’, Lumen’s Crypt gallery, London.
Material: Rulers and nails.
Videos by Dana Aramdarya Ysol.

Live performance, in the live event 'Stage of Life', Harrow Arts Center, London.
Material: Cable ties.
Photos by Jacob Buraczewski.

Live performance, in the live event 'Disorder Presents Disorders', Studio 9294, London.
Material: Rubber band.
Photos by Xiaoran Wu, Kaushikee Gupta.

Performed live to camera, London.
Material: Dough.
Duration: 8min43s
Video by Songkun Wan.