Work 2018

Performed live to camera, London.
Duration: 7min30s

Live performance, Raven Row Gallery, London.
Durational work in the live event 'Flow' by Asia-Art-Activism.
Photos by Reggy Liu.
Hanging on the handrail until someone cut the rope by the scissor I prepared or I could’t insist.

Live performance, in the live event 'Another Five Minutes of Your Time', Doodle bar/TestBed, London.
Photos by Paula Fitzsimons.
I put the rubber bands on my neck as many as possible until I was about to faint and cut off.

Live performance, Revolve Performance Art Festival, Uppsala, Sweden.
Duration: One hour.
Photos by Gustaf Broms, Nigel Rolfe, Paula Fitzsimons.
I collected many fallen leaves in Uppsala, threaded them together and cut the string disappearing with river flow.

Performed live to camera, London.
Duration: 5min35s
Filmed by Ewan Jones Morris.

Performed live to camera, London.
Duration: One hour.
Writing the words ‘Day by Day by Day…’ full of my desk and scrubbing off.

Performed live to camera, London.
Duration: 57min33s
tap. tap. tap the table. tap the skin.

Live performance in the WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London.
Pre durational performance(hanging my arm): One hour & Live performance in the space: 20min
Photos by Ying Xue.
Filmed by Paula Fitzsimons.